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Image of The EastPack Limited Constitution

The EastPack Limited Constitution

Capital Structure consultation

The Board of Directors are considering options to modify EastPack's capital structure and want Grower Shareholder feedback on fundamental questions which will affect how growth is managed in the future.  Eventually, Grower Shareholders will be asked to vote on the best option.  A briefing document for shareholders can be found in the grower login area.

100% Grower Owned

Our Grower-owned cooperative structure means we can be truly single minded about what we’re here to achieve…The success of Grower Shareholders.

If it’s important to growers, it’s important to us.

EastPack Growers share in the success of the business and receive packing rebates and/or dividends.

EastPack has two types of Shareholders: Transactor Shareholders and Investor Shareholders.

Image of Transactor Shares

Transactor Shares

Transactor Shares

Transactor Shares are available to all EastPack growers. 

Shareholders are issued 1 transactor share for every tray supplied (on a 3 year weighted average) and over time these become fully paid up shares through the retention of rebates and grower contributions. 

Transactor shareholders have first call on company profit in the form a of a $0.20c packing rebate each year. 

Transactor Shares have a nominal value of $1.00 per share.

To find out more about EastPack transactor Shares, you are encouraged to read the EastPack Product Disclosure Statement. It can also be requested in print from the company administrator by emailing admin@eastpack.co.nz or calling 07 573 0900.

Image of Investor Shares

Investor Shares

Investor Shares

Investor Shares can only be held by Transactor Shareholders and senior EastPack staff.

Sharemart is the trading platform used to trade (buy and sell) EastPack Ltd Investor Shares, please call 0800 50 50 06 for more information.


Annual Report

The EastPack Annual Report can be found with our Financial & Legal Info.