Grower Advocacy

EastPack Entity Trust

Up to Eighteen growers are elected or appointed to an advisory forum, to represent all major growing regions and grower groups. EastPack Forum meetings are held approximately every two months. The advisors receive full financial reports and discuss, formulate and recommend pool policy, as well as other grower services.

A contract has been established between EET and EastPack outlining, in precise detail, the payment of services that EastPack carries out on behalf of EET and its growers (coolstorage, condition checking etc).

EastPack is only paid time service and base charges for trays that are shipped. This ensures a management focus on inventory management and storage. This focus enables the business to minimise fruit loss, capitalise on storage payments and maximise grower returns.

The current chairman of the EastPack Entity Trust Forum is Robert Humphries.

Contact details – [email protected] or 021 245 1174.

Feedback & Complaints

We value your feedback

If you have any questions, queries, suggestions or complaints, we want to hear them.  Here are some helpful tips to assist you through our feedback and complaints process:

  • Firstly, we suggest you contact your Grower Services Representative click here or anyone else in the EastPack team you feel comfortable discussing the matter with.
  • If you have a complaint of a financial nature, you can either EastPack's  Chief Financial Officer – Merv Dallas [email protected], or contact Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCL), an external dispute resolution scheme for our industry approved by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. Click here  to visit the FSCL website to view the process for making an official complaint.
  • You may wish to direct you feedback to our Feedback and Complaints Committee.  If so, simply email [email protected] , or send a letter to:

Feedback and Complaints Committee
C/o Company Administrator
PO Box 243
Te Puke


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