Our Leadership Team

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Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Strong leadership drives a culture of performance, contributing to the success of Grower Shareholders.  Our team take this responsibility seriously and aim to deliver on what’s important to Growers.


Image of Hamish Simson

Hamish Simson

Chief Executive Officer
027 44 11 885

Hamish is an experienced executive with a number of leadership roles at CEO, general manager, and executive director levels.

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Image of Merv Dallas

Merv Dallas

Chief Financial Officer
021 525 236

Merv has held a number of senior financial roles. He has worked in Europe, Australia, Asia and the Pacific Islands, and was CFO at Zespri for nine years.

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Image of Braden Hungerford

Braden Hungerford

General Manager - Grower & Orchard Performance
021 280 6600

Braden has vast experience in operations management, product and orchard development, and has a number of successful orchards.

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Image of Phil Karl

Phil Karl

General Manager - Operations 
021 854 776

Phil joined EastPack after many years in the Dairy Industry. Phil is a capable operations leader with extensive experience across the supply chain.

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Image of Richard Fraser-Mackenzie

Richard Fraser-Mackenzie

General Manager - Logistics & Supply
021 505 912

Richard has expertise in logistical management and has previously worked for Zespri in a commercial role.

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Image of Kirsty Shores

Kirsty Shores

Chief Technology Officer
021 353 442

Kirsty has over 25 years esperience in delivering large IS projects.  She has significant expertise in a number of sectors working in both the UK and NZ.

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Image of Heather Burton

Heather Burton

General Manager - Human Resources
027 621 0965

Heather has a wealth of expertise in all aspects of human resources and health and safety.

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Image of Ginny Moore

Ginny Moore

Business Improvement Manager
021 873 578

Ginny is responsible for ensuring operational processes are optimised and best practice continues to evolve.

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Image of Neil Te Kani

Neil Te Kani

Manager Maori Relations
027 652 4480

Neil has significant governance experience in the New Zealand kiwifruit industry and was instrumental in the development of the Kiwifruit Industry Strategy Project (KISP). Neil’s role is part of EastPack’s long-term strategy to support the substantial growth of Maori investment in the kiwifruit industry.

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