The EastPack Limited Constitution - CLICK HERE

As a grower owned company, EastPack growers share in company profits through packing rebates and/or dividends. EastPack has two types of Shareholders: Transactor Shareholders and Investor Shareholders.

Product Disclosure Statement  for an offer of Transactor Shares in EastPack Limited was lodged with the Financial Market Authority on 21 April 2017.  CLICK HERE for a copy of the document, it can also be requested in print from the company administrator by emailing or calling 07 573 0951.

Transactor Shares

  • Available to all EastPack growers.
  • Transactor shares have a nominal value of $1 per share.
  • Transactor Shareholders have first call on company profit in the form of a packing rebate.
  • Growers must hold at least 1 transactor share to be eligible to recieve a packing rebate.
  • EastPack is committed to paying a $0.20 packing rebate to transactor shareholders in 2017. 
  • The 2017, EastPack intends to 'call on' share capital from partially paid-up transactor shareholders i.e. shareholders who hold less than one transactor share per class 1 tray supplied on a three year rolling average.  Partially paid-up shareholders will recieve a $0.10/tray cash payment in June 2017, and $0.10/tray worth of transactor shares in December 2017. 
  • Fully 'paid-up' transactor shareholders recieve the entire rebate as a cash payment.
  • If a Grower wishes to resign as a Transactor Shareholder, the value of shares held will be reimbursed within 3 years of resignation.

Click here to download the Application for Transactor Shareholding form

Investor Shares

  • EastPack has 24,000,000 Investor shares issued.
  • Investor shares can only be held by transactor shareholders and senior EastPack staff.
  • Investor shares may be traded between EastPack shareholders at market value i.e. willing buyer, willing seller.
  • Shares are now able to be traded via the Sharemart platform.  Click here to view.

To find out more about EastPack Transactor Shares, you are encouraged to read the EastPack Product Disclosure Statement.