Seasonal Work

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To be eligible to apply

Seasonal Roles

We’re always looking for new faces to join our fun loving, hardworking teams in Te Puke, Katikati, Edgecumbe and Opotiki.

We are committed to our people and the size and growth of our operation, means we can offer excellent career paths for talented people with great attitudes!

Our seasonal jobs usually start around the 10th March and finish around the 10th June.  There are opportunities for reliable seasonal workers to continue working until November.

Successful applicants will receive comprehensive training by our experienced leaders on safety practices and the use of our state of the art technology.

During the packing season most sites run a day shift and a night shift.  Sites aim to provide one day off per week.

The following is a snapshot of some our seasonal roles:

  • Line Managers and 2ICs
  • Quality Controllers
  • Forklift Operators
  • Bin-tip Operators
  • Data Processing Staff
  • Stackers
  • Strappers
  • Packers
  • Graders
  • Tray Preps

To be eligible to apply you will need:

  • Eligibility to work in New Zealand (i.e. NZ Citizen, Work Visa or Student Visa);
  • Proof of identify (i.e. passport, photo driver’s license, or other photo ID;
  • An Inland Revenue (IRD) number;
  • A New Zealand bank account number.

For an application form, please contact one of our site employment offices below on 0800 189 111 or call in:

  • Katikati - 28 Marshall Road, Katikati 3178
  • Te Puke - 40 Te Puke Quarry Road, Te Puke 3187
  • Te Puke - 1 Washer Road, Te Puke 3187
  • Te Puke - 2 Collins Lane, Te Puke 3187
  • Edgecumbe - 678 Eastbank Road, Edgecumbe 3193
  • Opotiki - 3 Stoney Creek Road, Opotiki 3197

Once you arrive on site, please follow the directional signs to speak to the site HR Team.

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Employee Services

Employee Services

Social Events – EastPack is a friendly, fun, team environment, we have lots of social activities and events throughout the season.  These are a great opportunity to meet new people, make lifelong friends and make your time with us a memorable experience!

Canteen/Cafeteria – Canteen facilities are available at all our packhouses during our busy times.  On some sites a variety of food may be purchased during the packing season (EFTPOS only).  The company provides tea and coffee.  Microwaves and fridges are available if you wish to bring your own food to work.

Training – Regular training and development opportunities are available through both internal & external training, such as site specific safety training modules, standard operating procedures, Edvance Programmes, Primary ITO National Certificates and many more.  This means that our staff are upskilled and competent to perform all tasks safely and efficiently.

Pastoral Care – We have several Pastoral Care Co-ordinators who work closely with our seasonal workers to ensure they have access to everything they need while they are away from home.

Car Parking – There are designated staff parking areas provided for at each site.

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Working in New Zealand

Working in New Zealand

  • New Zealand/Australian Citizens - Citizens of New Zealand and Australia are allowed to work anywhere and for any employer within New Zealand.
  • NZ Permanent Residents - Permanent Residents of New Zealand are allowed to work anywhere in New Zealand for any employer.
  • NZ Work Permit/Work Visa holders - Please note that the work permit/visa will require you to meet the conditions as endorsed on the visa by the New Zealand Immigration Service.
  • International Students - If the condition on your student visa allows you to work for certain number of hours within a week or during your holiday break, we might be able to arrange a job for you only for the number of hours as permitted by the New Zealand Immigration Services.
  • Working Holiday Visa holders - The Working Holiday Scheme offers an opportunity for young people between 18 and 30 years of age to experience life in New Zealand on a working holiday. This scheme covers an agreement between New Zealand and a few countries. It will allow you to work for EastPack for the entire fruit season. For some people there will be the opportunity to extend this period even further. You will need to apply while still in your own country.
  • For more information on the Working Holiday Scheme and to check if you are from one of the eligible countries, please click - Eligible Countries for Working Holiday Visa
  • Click here for Immigration New Zealand website
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EastPack is a recognised seasonal employer, which enables us to recruit overseas workers to plant, maintain, harvest and/or pack fruit.  This programme is the backbone of our night shift operation as our RSE’s make up a significant number of our diverse post-harvest operational workforce. Accommodation and transport arrangements are made to ensure the comfort and convenience of our seasonal RSE workers while they are away from home.

This is a very successful programme which has been running for approximately 10 years with approval to recruit from 7 countries - Vanuatu, Fiji, Bali, Samoa, Tonga, PNG and Nauru.