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You have reached the EastPack Contractor Induction.

It is important to carefully read the following to ensure you successfully complete the Induction and the Induction Quiz at the end of the presentation.

When you register for the QUIZ you will need to enter/make your own Username and Password, this is unique to you. It is important that you remember your login details to enable you to access the QUIZ again.

Please allow approximately 1 (one) hour, ideally this should be with no interruptions, as it is important to be attentive. The Induction QUIZ requires a 95% pass mark.

At the end of the Induction QUIZ you will be able to download and then print the Certificate of completion. You will need to take a photo and send it to and then your Contractor Induction ID Card will be posted to you.

Are you ready to start?

  • Please be aware that you will need to dedicate an hour to the induction.
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