EastPack has modern, purpose built packhouses and coolstores at its seven sites, three located in Te Puke and one in Edgecumbe, Opotiki, Katikati and Whangarei.



Address: 40 Quarry Road, Te Puke - View map
Phone: 07 573 9309
Fax: 07 573 9310

Alan Davidson
Site Manager

Emigrating from Scotland five years ago, Alan started life with EastPack at the Edgecumbe site as a Line Manager. He then moved to the role of Production Manager at the Opotiki site and in 2010 was promoted to Packhouse Manager in Te Puke. In 2014 Alan was appointed Site Manager for EastPack Quarry Road, Te Puke.

Janette Montgomery
Grower Experience Manager - Te Puke Central

Janette is one of the industry’s more experienced post-harvest operators and has been involved in the kiwifruit industry since 1982. She has extensive experience in fruit quality management and has held a senior management role at EastPack since 1990.

Quarry Road Packing Specs and other Info

  • Capacity to pack 12 million trays
  • Site has three modern six-lane compact side-tipping fruit sizers, one of which utilises fully automated stacking, strapping and carton handling and Invision grading.
  • Conventional Coolstorage Onsite – 4.5m trays (17,280 pallets)
  • CA Coolstorage – 1.95m trays (28,800 bins)
  • Coolstorage Offsite – 1.09m trays (4,377 pallets)


collins lane, TE PUKE

Address:  Collins Lane, Te Puke
Phone:  07 573 8075
Fax:  07 573 7853

Adrian Osterman
Site Manager – Collins Lane

Adrian has been in the kiwifruit industry for 13 years.  He started out as a forklift driver unloading fruit trucks at what was then Katipak’s Ashedele Packhouse.  Since then he has held a number of positions including Coolstore Manager & Line Manager and has been a Site Manager for 6 years.

Collins Lane Packing Specs and Info

  • Capacity to pack up to 3.0 million trays      
  • Site is equipped with a modern 8 lane compac pre-sizer and In-vision blemish detection with 9 grading tables, this feeds a 42 drop 6 lane compac side tipping main sizer.
  • Class 2 and Domestic Market product is packed on line using a 4 lane compac flat cup grader with 3 grading tables
  • Static coolstore capacity approx. 1.0 million trays



Address:  28 Marshall Road, Katikati
Phone:  07 549 0008
Fax:  07 549 1299

Bruce Youngman
Site Manager – Marshall Road

Bruce’s career within the industry has spanned 30 years.  He was originally in the orchard division, covering all aspects associated with orchard management, before progressing to a Site Manager position based at the Collins Lane, Te Puke site.  Bruce was there for a couple of seasons, before moving to his recent appointment in the Katikati region.

Marshall Road Packing Specs and other Info

  • Capacity to pack approx. 2.1M  trays including CA
  • Site has 36 drops, a 6-lane compact side-tipper with 12 grading tables, double bin dump set-up for Class I, and a Class II is an 18 drop, 4-lane “CUP” grader
  • Conventional Coolstorage Onsite – approx. 1.1M trays equivalent (5000 pallets)
  • CA Coolstorage – approx. 300,000 trays (950 bins x 5 stores)


Address:  Cnr Ngunguru & Maruata Rds, Glenbervie
Phone:  09 437 3003
Fax: 09 437 3013

Warren Herriott
Site Manager – Glenbervie

Warren has been in the kiwifruit industry for 25 years with roles in the Packhouse, Coolstore and Orchard Management until appointed Site Manager at Glenbervie in 2010.  Prior to the kiwifruit industry Warren served 20 years in the Royal New Zealand Navy.

Marshall Road Packing Specs and other Info

  • Capacity to pack approx 1million trays
  • Site has a 20 drop, four lane Compac  side tipper
  • Conventional cool store on site for 100,000 trays plus 1350 bins in conventional bin store
  • No CA



Address: 678 Eastbank Road, Edgecumbe
View map
Phone: 07 304 8226
Fax: 07 304 8262

Alex Fields
Site Manager – Edgecumbe

Alex began with EastPack in 2010 as the Packhouse Manager at Edgecumbe, and in late 2012 was appointed to the role of Site Manager.  He has a diverse horticultural/production background, previously managing a small pear packhouse on the Kapiti coast and a potting mix manufacturer in the Waikato.

Prior to moving to New Zealand, Alex completed a Master of Science degree (Plant Sciences) in the Netherlands and worked as a University Researcher studying nutrient cycling and crop productivity, while living in his native California. 

Packing Specs and Info

  • Capacity to pack 4 million trays
  • Utilises a modern six-lane Compac side tipping fruit sizer with 12 grading tables.
  • Conventional Coolstorage – 2m trays (7,800 pallets)
  • CA Coolstorage – 850,000 trays (12,140 bins)
  • This site has full BIO-GRO certification.



Address: Stoneycreek Road, Opotiki
View map
Phone: 07 315 5226
Fax: 07 315 5224   

Matt Bowker
Site Manager – Opotiki

Matt started with EastPack in 2007 as a Line Manager at the Te Puke site. He then spent two seasons in various Automation and Production Management roles before shifting to Opotiki in 2011 to be the Packhouse  Manager.  In 2012 Matt grabbed the opportunity to become the Opotiki Site Manager.

Prior to joining EastPack Matt was a workshop foreman for LENZ equipment LTD. He has a passion for innovation and is always looking to optimise the way the Opotiki site performs.

Packing Specs and Info

  • Capacity to pack 4 million trays
  • Conventional Coolstorage – 1.3m trays (5,200 pallets)
  • CA Coolstorage – 1.1m trays (16,000 bins)
  • Utilises a modern six-lane Compac side tipping fruit sizer with 12 grading tables.
  • This site has full BIO-GRO certification.